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"The Pacman"

Written by Ron Centeno

Whenever Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao ascends to the ring, we Filipinos across the globe simultaneously drop everything only to root for the Pinoy boxing icon as he unleashes his knockout punch against his hapless opponent. While our eyes are glued to our television screens, our collective sighs would turn into deafening roars. Some privileged “bigshots” (Filipino actors and actor-turned politicians), moreover, who thirst for a moment of photo ops and “pogi points” would come in handy to Las Vegas to share the limelight with the “pound-for-pound” mega champ atop the ring.

Time and again, the “Pambansang Kamao” has never failed us. He, as the aphorism goes, single-handedly “killed” all his Mexican counterparts until Mexico has run out of “burritos” that led to his moniker as “The Mexi-cutioner”. His latest casualty was the rusty Oscar “Golden Boy” dela Hoya. Previous “fatalities” include Marquez, Morales, Larios, Solis, and Barrera.

On 2 May 2009, Pacman will soar to the ring again at MGM Grand Hotel and Casino for his anticipated fight against the British fighter known in the league as “The Hitman” or the “Pride of Hyde.” No less than Floyd Mayweather, Jr. commented on Hatton as, “probably one of toughest competitors I’ve faced. I hit him with some big ones but he kept coming and I can see why they call him the “Hitman”.

The bout is guaranteed to be explosive. It is aptly titled “The Battle of East and West”. Presumably, their massive fans from Europe to Asia to America, will soon be sitting on the edge of their seats as spectators to this forthcoming several-million-dollar match.

Behind all the spectacle and glitz of the ensuing match, however, Manny found himself into a different kind of fray – “one that has placed him right in the middle of a fierce rivalry between the country’s two biggest television networks.”

“The Kapamilya” (ABS-CBN), not to be outdone, wanted to have a piece of the cake by “tampering of a live contract” as the former Philippine Basketball Association commissioner and respected lawyer-sportsman Rudy Salud would like to put it. Note that Solar Sports, with ties to GMA 7, has been airing Pacman’s previous fights.

According to a report found in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, “Pacquiao denied he had severed ties with Solar Sports and said the video on his planned transfer to ABS-CBN was prematurely shown by the Lopez-family controlled network.

He said he had an agreement with ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. that the statement on his transfer would not be aired until he had threshed out certain issues regarding his contract with Solar Sports.

The video of his statement on the transfer was aired on the ABS-CBN news show “TV Patrol” last week.”

Without question, the battle between the two networks has always been for the record. The habitual clash between Wowowee and Eat Bulaga is a testament to such rivalry. Putting Pacman on the crossroads, however, only to reign supreme in viewership stats will not do favor for the Filipino champ.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which network has the right to broadcast the anticipated match between our very own Pacman and UK’s Hitman. What matters is, at least for once, our collective howl will resonate across the globe and momentarily set aside our differences as a people.

Pilipinas, umasenso ka! Mabuhay ka Pacman!

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raz said...

Tama ka jan sir. May ibang mga pulitiko din jan na nakikipag-bonggahan sa grupo. in my own words, Manny's still d best.

Goddy said...

Manny Pacquiao, just like Vincent Bueno, is a Philippine modern-day hero. While Pacquiao and Bueno unite the Filipinos, those two networks furhter divide them. One of the best write-ups I've ever read! Galing-galing mo, Ron!

Anonymous said...

Manny may be a hero but he's almost like all politicians. He's starting to have a big head. Hopefully the fame and fortune won't engulf all of him.

Desert Aquaforce said...

Hi Ron, very well said! Keep it up! Let not that network war drag the Pacman to a ring where his punches won't work!

gillboard said...

Manny is overrated... While his fights does in a way unite Filipinos... if you filter all the great fight comments he's been receiving, you'll find that not everyone feels the same way about him...

there's no doubt he's an excellent boxer... but other than that...

_el@i_ said...

it really does not matter what network airs it, as long as we can see the fight...
i also hope he stays as a boxer, not a politician!

Anonymous said...

Great post pareng Ron, I have been a fan of the Pacman ever since...whatever he is reaping right now he deserves it its the fruit of all the hardwork that he did for himself anf for his country he is a living hero!

Anonymous said...

parang hindi ako natuwa dun sa urong-sulong moves ni pacman. sa hatian ng kita at kung saang network ipapalabas ang laban niya. nakakasira ng image. ganun pa man... gusto ko pa rin siyang manalo.

shydub said...

Wish ko lang paquiao will share if he wins the fight hehehe. Goodluck pacman!

Badong said...

Sorry, but I'm really not a fan of Manny. Lumalaki na ulo niya.

ark said...

Others may question Pacman's loyalty but in the end, he is still the Philippines' greatest source of honor and pride.

twinks said...

Hi Ron,
We can't really change the fact that he is Manny P. Filipinos will watch his fight whether it will be aired in ABS-CBN or GMA. Manny on the other hand should have thought about his decision many times before he opened his mouth. ABS-CBN aired their side of the issue already, and Manny P made some mistakes. Hmmm...must admit, lumalaki na ang ulo ni Manny and some politicians naman eh sumasakay sa issue.

Well, goodluck to him. Hope he will win.

Happy Thursday! ^_^

The Pope said...

Manny is not just a great boxer, he is now a celebrity in his own right, a Pied Piper that attracts everybody in and out of the ring. Broadcast networks clashed for media rights coverage, why not, it doesn't matter to them who will emerge as winner in Paquiao-Hatton bout on May 3, because whoever gets the exclusive coverage right is definitely the grand winner it's business as usual.

And of course it is a great pride for us Pinoy if Manny wins.

Ron Centeno said...

Raz, Goddy,Anonymous, NJ, Glibert, Elai, John, Josh Marie, Shuydub, Badong, Ark, Twinks and Mr. Pope.

Thank you all for your comments on this post. Manny indeed makes us proud. I do hope his feet stays on the ground.

David Funk said...

I've read quite a bit about Manny from Filipino bloggers. In fact, one of my Pinay friends mentioned him when talking about the history of the Philippines.

Nonetheless, TV rights to air the fight can often end up an ugly mess. But as it is, it is just better to watch it period as far as that goes.

I hope he keeps a level head as well. Too many times, athletes forget where they come from and then everything around them collapses. It is nice to see someone of his stature bringing honor to a country like he does.

Nice post buddy!


Truly, we are proud of Manny Pacquiao's achievements. His victory is pinoys victory.

People around his cape must stop inducing him to enter politics.

Manny must stop dreaming of becoming a politician.

But, yes, its our right but for gods sake, manny is an institution already in his field.

Whats his motive of running anyways? He wants to help the poor? Ohh cmon thats an old joke!

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