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Not Just Yet, Mrs. Aquino

Written by Ron Centeno

The outpouring of well-wishes to Cory Aquino’s immediate recovery, albeit, continuously agonizing and consuming, is a clear manifestation of love and respect to a leader whose moral and political contribution to our country is immense.

History would tell us that her intransigent stance against the former dictator Ferdinand Marcos indubitably captured the imagination of those who value liberty to the fullest. Marcos, armed to his teeth and wrapped with all the imperious chutzpah, threw in his hat into the political ring against the unassuming housewife of the slain fiery oppositionist Ninoy Aquino. The fight was biblical in proportion. It was David against Goliath. In similar passion with that of the Old Testament’s tale, Cory, as David, emerged as a winner. However, defeat was never an option for Marcos, as Goliath. Massive cheating ensued to justify his hoax victory.

The unintended consequence, however, was telling. People sent themselves to streets in protest against the dictatorship. “Cory! Cory! became their deafening cry. In response, Marcos pulled his last trick. He sent his military troops to counter the defiant sea of humanity along EDSA. Unperturbed, people from all walks of life stood to their hallowed ground until the military defected to Cory’s side, ending the yellow revolution. The rest is history.

The Aquino administration was without hitches and critics. Early on, ‘kudetas’ came in succession. Some power-grabbers would often rise up to test Cory’s resilience and the will to govern. In one instance, she was accused of hiding under her bed in one of those uprising spates. Nevertheless, armed with, perhaps, beads of rosary, she was able to restore democracy into our fledgling republic.

In the hindsight, the Aquino administration was no more than a transitional government. Its monumental achievement, however, was to lay down the blueprint of a democratic rule for our future generation. Far from being abusive to power, she relinquished her presidency upon completion of her term as provided for by the constitution. Extension was never contemplated despite her enormous popularity and public clamor.

She was not an adroit politician that would rival Margaret Thatcher nor Indira Ghandi, but her revulsion to a limitless stay in power equates that of George Washington. Not surprisingly, when Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s allies, with her tacit approval, of course, proposed a constitutional amendment to accommodate their benefactor for an extended term, Cory, despite her slowly deteriorating condition, vehemently shows her opposition to the same. Her resounding call to wage war against the preoccupation of Arroyo’s accomplices in Congress is impossible to ignore.

Long live Cory Aquino!

Long live the Constitution!

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Mokong™ said...

Welcome back..long time no post ah! haha!
Long live to Tita Cory...

I am Xprosaic said...

Wow! it's great you're back again! jijijijiji... she is still stable until the present... but it will be a very long battle for her...

Badong said...

wow! tagal na rin a! welcome back!

regarding tita cory's condition, i'm seriously, wishing for her recovery. i really do

The Pope said...

Welcome back Ron, it's great to see back in circulation.

She's a woman of substance, a symbol of faith, peace, love and democracy.

My family has offered healing prayers for her, wishing her relief and recovery.

Happy weekend my friend.

John B.M. said...

welcome back friend

gillboard said...

it's been awhile..nice to see a post from you again...

Ron Centeno said...

Thank you everyone for still being there despite my absence. I got all your messages, and I'm very sorry that I have not responded to any of them but your thoughtfulness has really been an inspiration to keep me going and get back to writing. Thank you again for being such great blogger friends!

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