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Ang Pagbabalik ni Erap

Written by Ron Centeno

What if Erap becomes president again, is one gripping question that should not be ignored. God forbid, he dares not.

Time and again, Estrada keeps repeating he would run for president if the opposition cannot unite around one candidate. His logic, however shallow, nevertheless makes sense at least to himself because numerous opposition wannabes, according to the ousted leader who was once convicted of plunder, will pave the way to the preemptive victory of Arroyo’s anointed one.

To prevent that from happening, Erap will field himself as the viable candidate based on his personal calculation to have earned 30 to 40 percent of the expected votes in his favor. In such case, he concluded to have secured advantage over all the others. Other surveys, however, say otherwise.

Predictably, Erap was quick to refute the surveys saying, “That’s according to the surveys. But the surveys have been wrong in the past. In the last presidential elections, the exit polls said GMA (President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo) would win in the whole of Metro Manila but she lost in all the cities and municipalities of Metro Manila except Las PiƱas.”

Moreover, Erap brags the very warm reception of his provincial sorties attended by the masa who were frenzied over his visits. Further, he gives limitless credit to his upcoming tandem with funny Ai Ai de las Alas in a movie called, ‘Ang Tanging Ama N’yo’, a sequel to Ai Ai success movie, ‘Ang Tanging Ina N’yo.”

He’s also set to make a commercial for an arthritis medicine with a tagline ‘Pwede pa ba kayong tumakbo?’ This is, of course, in reference to his legal qualification to run again for the highest office in the land. Aptly as it may seem, Erap’s response, “Kung gusto mo karera pa tayo.” With that, Erap is shown in the ads leaving his opponent behind; courtesy of the arthritis drug.

He validly observed, “Thus, while my rivals would be spending millions for their commercials and advertisements, I would be earning from my movie and commercials. And I would have my mug and name plastered in billboards advertising the movie and the arthritis drug, all for free. Binabayaran pa ko. And after the movie has made the rounds of all the movie houses, I can show it for free in the town plazas to attract the crowds before my rallies, with the commercial thrown in. How can I lose?”

How can I lose, is another one hell of a question I dare God almighty not to grant. But in case God becomes fallible, let us brace ourselves as a people because, without question, our country would be doomed to certainty.

Wala na ba talagang mapag-pipilihan?!

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HalfCrazy said...

Nice post, what's the news now with Erap? I still find it funny why he is on house Arrest. But then again, he was once the President so I guess all due respect?

Wala nang gustong tumakbo pa. Marami kasi sa atin gusto nalang umasa sa iba.

johnm said...

This post is aptly titled for reminds me of the old Erap FPJ movies like Ang Pagbabalik ng Lawin but my goodness not again... wala na bang iba? if Erap will be President again chances are there will be another people power 3 or 4, perhaps worse another GMA or GMA clone will rule this country...

Desert Aquaforce said...

I prefer to believe that your post is a movie script only with Erap as the lead actor. Otherwise, it's going to be a nightmare for the Philippines... another dark era?

Chronicler said...

I wonder what would become of our country which is already in deep s**t during the return of Erap. Our countrymen being visual could not resist the temptation of money during vote buying scheme. What would they be thinking this time?

gillboard said...

I doubt that he'll run.. or even win... meron namang mga ayos na presidentiable in case... i think..

_el@i_ said...

oh no, not again!

^_edSie_^ said...

You gotta admit.. sobrang lakas ng PR nya. Lalo na sa majority ng mass dito sa Pilipinas. Hay... que sera sera?

The Pope said...

There is no doubt that Erap is still a top Presidential contender in 2010 because of his popularity, his entry in this race will be challenged by his opponents through the Supreme Court wherein the majority of the justices are Arroyo appointees.

Badong said...

maawa naman siya sa pinas kung tatakbo pa siya. at maawa naman tayo sa pinas kung iboboto pa natin siya.

I am Xprosaic said...

Hayz... que sera sera nga... Ang sa akin lang, sana ang mga tatakbo ngayong election magkaroon o matubuan man lang sana ng HIYA. Naway maisip nila ang kanilang kakayahang mamuno (kung meron ba?!) at hindi pansariling kapakanan lamang... Gud lak sa Pinas!

David Funk said...

I'm not as familiar with this obviously, but it seems he's very arrogant thinking that he'll get back in the position. But then again, he's been in this position before though.

Nice post and thanks for the continued insight!

the donG said...

pag yan nangyari talagang hindi na natuto ang tao. hirap nga pumili kasi puro pangako lang wala namang pinapakita konkretong plano.

Desert Aquaforce said...

Got an award for you. Please get it at the desert coast by the Red Sea. Cheers!

Ron Centeno said...

Half Crazy











The Dong,

Thanks you all for you insights, Let's hope and pray for "change".

isladenebz said...

Pray tell it's not true. Because the sad truth is that if Erap's to run, he will surely win. Kapag nangyari yon, ano pa kaya ang magiging Pilipinas? O kawawang bayan ko...

RhonB (aka Pinkoy) said... a nightmare! Wag naman sana.

Nobe said...

i'm wondering why erap is not in jail. sacred cow like him should be neutered.


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