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Thank You David Funk!

Written by Ron Centeno

Another award from the David Funk of Basic Blogonomics. David is the CEO of BWE(Blog Wrestling Entertainment) where bloggers are written into fictional storylines. :-)

In one of his BWE updates David wrote this:

"Funk: "Welcome back to BWE Blog Center! Without question, one of the biggest signings in BWE Promotions history has taken place today. We have learned that Ron Centeno has signed one of the richest contracts in BWE history after serious negotiations. The Filipino blogging star was eager to get a deal done after it appeared contract talks would break down. But today, he signed a lucrative contract with the promotion and is ready to make an impact. He's currently unavailable because of a busy schedule at the moment, but an announcement from him should be coming soon. The brand in which he will represent is not known as of now.

My opinion: I think for EBW's sake, Paul might regret wanting to put him on that brand of extreme entertainment should he want to do so. Why? "In his own words", there will be a "Fall of a Dictator" on that brand if that happens."

So here's my answer to that post:

The BWE contract is very tempting and has a lot of potential. The only problem is that, I have an exclusive contract with CEI (Ces Entertainment, Inc.).

After conferring with Ces (my CEO), we were able to reach a compromise that was amenable for both sides. She granted me an open contract with CEI.

Now that I am an open agent, I'm very excited and can't wait to make a deal with BWE. I feel that I can have a very promising future with them. That is if the offer is still open since it took a long time for me to make a decision due to my hectic schedule with CEI.

The other thing is, how can I refuse the offer when CEO,'D Funk keeps giving me these awards. It gets me to think if this a plot to get me to finalize that contract with BWE, sooner. The thing is, he did not need to shower me with all these,although I have to admit I love the attention.

Thank you boss 'D! I hope to drop by your office soon to talk about that contract. In the meantime let me share one of the awards you passed on.


I would like to pass this award to:

1) Czel of "Vanity’s Child"
2) Goddy of "A Friend Named Goddy"
3) Sherwin of "Mokong (Anu’ng Nasa Isip Ko)"
4) Mac Allister of "Living the Expectations"
5) Gilbert of "Gillboard"
6) NJ of "Desert Aquaforce"
7) Pchi of "Opinion Pinoy"
8) The Pope of "Palipasan"
9) Ck_leik of "Beyond Crypticness"
10)austenfan of "Quintessential Babble"
11)Cecile of "Small and Simple Things"
12)Lisa of "Lisgold"
13)"Buhay Bayot"
14)Half Crazy of "An Ardent Cosmic Journey"
15)Ratty of "Everyday Adventurer"
16)Denzmeister of "Denzmeister"
17)Shei of "Pretty Eyes"
18)Dinah of "Okay Ukay"
19)edSie of It's My Turn"
21)Maxi of "Ovah Coffee"
22)John BM of "Ultraelectromagneticblog"
23)XP of "Xprosaic's World"
24) Irish of "Irish on Bizz"
25) Shydub of "Simple Happy Life"
26)Gagay of "Walking Newspaper"
27)To all of you who takes time to visit please feel free to grab this award. Blogging would be no fun without you! :-) Happy Blogging!

18 Your Thoughts/Comments Here::

David Funk said...


Now that's what I'm talking about!

It is understandable why talks on both sides broke down after this explanation!

Actually, you do get award incentives in the deal which is why it is one of the richest contracts ever. Winning matches or successfully moving up in the ranks will also get you more revenue. I'm really hoping that your appearances will boost the bottom line and give BWE the biggest buyrates in the promotion's history! Or there really will be the Fall of a.....well....CEO...Hahahaha!

I really appreciate the thought and playing along! I can see you making great promos/interviews before matches, too! Hahaha!

Nice job and congrats again my good friend!

I am Xprosaic said...

Hmm.. maybe this made you busy during these days... hehehhehehehe..Congrats!

HalfCrazy said...

Hahaha, that is interesting. I don't know why I remember Manny Pacquiao and the Music Industry in this post LOL. Probably because of the management thing!

The Pope said...

Congratulations Ron, for a new contract offer from David Funk, plus the Neno's Award which you really deserve after all your handwork and dedication.

And I would like to thank you for passing this tag award to "Palipasan" an early Easter gift from you... maraming salamat kaibigan.


John B.M. said...

happy easter ron! i haven't heard from you for quite sometime how are you my friend?

I am Xprosaic said...

Thanks Ron! I was surprised with the 'John' where did that came from?! hehehhehhehehe... Anyway, Thanks for the award! I really appreciate it and thanks for considering me as one of your recipients....naks! Your post is kinda anecdotal type and I am just fascinated how you and david funk communicates... It's like you both are in the same! jijijijijij...

Goddy said...

Hey Ron! Thanks for the award! It's so nice of you. Let me greet you "Happy Easter," too!

I am Xprosaic said...

Thanks Ron! It's okay really, nothing worries! hehehehehe... I appreciate your effort in don't have to anyway but...Thanks!

I am Xprosaic said...

Oh...and yeah I forgot... Happy easter to you my friend! jijijijiji

HalfCrazy said...

Thank you for this award and the appreciation. I don't know what to do with it LOL. I don't know how to put it up on the right side of my blog!

Desert Aquaforce said...

Hi Ron, Hinanap ko ung comment na pinost ko kahapon... Mahabahaba pa naman sana...Sayang, sakay din sana un sa kwentohang CEI at BWE.

Anyway, Happy Easter to you and Ces!

shei said...

thanks ron.. happy easter!! =]

LilysGramma said...

Congratulations of your award, it is well deserved! :)

shydub said...

Congratulations on your promising career. Goodluck! Thanks for the award ron.

Happy easter to you and Ces.

John said...

Congrats. on the Neno's Award! Truly well deserved, quite a site you have here! Wow, what a blog! looking forward to reading it, glad I found it.

afrankangle said...

Hey Ron ... Welcome to BWE ... and of course you realize that I'm campaigning for BWE Throwdown GM position ... and I hope you stand by my position of cleaning up the place.

irish on bizz said...

hi ron!happy easter!!thanks for the awards and congrats too!!!

Really appreciate!!:)

told you!your blog is really great! :)

denzmeister said...

Im happy you pass this Tag Award to my other blog na ang akala ko wala nang nakakakita hehe.. Hindi ko na nga rin masyadong na update yung Denzmeister na blog ko but anyway thanks for your visit dun and syempre for giving me Neno's. Visit my other blogs too,

hehe... thanks again Ron! =D

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