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Divine Right

Written by Ron Centeno

It’s mind-boggling how many “Juan dela Cruz” would want to run for the incoming 2010 presidential elections despite the huge problems he is surely to inherit from the Arroyo administration. On the other, it’s a no-brainer because, aside from the power entailed, his future loot is immense.

Recall how Sen. Villar’s claim that to run for president, a candidate should have at least one billion pesos to win. And with the president receiving a measly monthly salary of P63,525, doing mathematics to interpret such figure, spells incredulity.

One can only imagine how the would-be elected Philippine president is able to recoup his campaign expenses. If his sole purpose is to serve the public without having to plunder the government coffer, there is simply no way would he be able to recover them.

Knowing Juan dela Cruz, however, he would recover them, and he would recover them with utmost impunity. Recall how Marcos siphoned millions of dollars into his Swiss account early on; Erap’s plundering act that cost him his term; and of course, this president and her first gentleman who, not once or twice, but on numerous occasions, has she been accused of corruption.

If such electoral trend would remain unabated where capital investment becomes the measure for earning a seat in Malacanang, then public service, which is the impetus in running for the office, would retire into oblivion.

In such case, only those who are in possession of countless wealth have the right to dream big. The “have nots”, despite the best of their intentions and qualifications, can only watch in disgust from the sideline as the “haves” jockey for the highest position.

Indeed, our country’s democratic process has been reduced to meaningless and the return to feudal rule is now taking place where the entitlement of the “divine right” is allotted only to the privileged few.

Consider 2010 elections as our payback time. If only we could muster our collective strength to deny access to power for those who arrogantly bent on gaining it through the size of their bank accounts, then and only then, our political involvement will have its meaning.

I remember Bubuy, (the singing sensation finalist) who claimed, “Kahit sino pwedeng mangarap.” Well, in a way, he could be right. In so many ways, in Philippine politics, in particular, his claim does not apply.

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Dina said...

Hi 3M,

It's scary! I just hope and pray that we can choose someone who is capable of leading our country for the better.

3M why don't you run for president! Hehehehehe!

Ron Centeno said...


kahit kelan sira ka talaga ( you're crazy )! Hehehehe! Take care Dins! Thanks for being the first to comment.

Chronicler said...

Come to think of it, elections in the Philippines is very colorful not to mention very eventful...specially in the remote areas, they color it "red".

shydub said...

I served Election before but I don't vote. Some of the politician lately they run for power not for the country.
Salamat sa mga commnets bru, kabayan, kakusa lol

Ron Centeno said...

Hi Joel!

Red is a nice color, but hopefully it's a color we can get rid of during election.


It's always about power, they seem to forget the reason why they are running for office. I always thought it was to "serve the people".(yeah right!)

Marlene said...

Well written post. I'm actually sick of election propaganda. The politicians are just running for the money, not for the good of the country. I hope this time, a sincere one will come out of the shell, that is, if there's one.

Shawie said...

I liked your passion... hope you can at least influence some stupid voters but then again... they don't care at all:(
I'm as hopeless as any other Filipinos who dream big for their country. Nobody really knows how long will this kind of mentality will go... you're right, people have no respect for our democracy anymore, it doesn't make sense at all but I feel as though it's almost ripe, we're getting there where people is a little smarter and hopefully someone will rise for that big cause & change...

Cecile said...

i just hope when someone runs for president, he would serve not for power, but to serve the country; it seems like that is the case the few months, then the power overtakes the real purpose why they are elected, so sad! using the power for the wrong reason is not right!

David Funk said...

I have to say based on this(and what others have said here), it is indeed about the power and not serving in the best interest of your country. Power and money drives them all, and the point of the position has always said otherwise.

Excellent post!

Ron Centeno said...


I really hope so too. Thanks for your comment!


I still have hope that the Filipino people can choose wisely this time.


It's up to the people now.


You are right David,it's always power based. Thanks my friend for your continued support.

HalfCrazy said...

What? A salary of P63,525? I didn't know that. Then why are the other Congressmen or people from the local Government richer than the President herself? LOL.

Also, what happened to the people who want to be a President just so he can serve his countrymen? Just where are they? I'm not saying that PGMA doesn't try to solve whatever problem we have.

They should put "Must have a total net worth of One Billion or more" in the qualifications for President/Vice President LOL.

gillboard said...

I promise, I'll vote na next year, kasi for sure future na ng magiging anak ko ang nakataya dun...

I pray though that this country will be wiser and di madala ng kasikatan ng endorser ng presidentiable...

Scotty's Princess said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this issue, Ron and for saying them LOUD. I hear you!

The government's decaying system is hopeless and it looks like everyone have been molded into it... Well, I hope not. I am still hoping the best for our country.

BTW, thanks for putting up the banner in your sidebar. It means so much to me!

All the Best,

Ron Centeno said...

Half Crazy,

I have the same question.


Yes pare, I think it's time we make a stand.


I'm still holding on to hope.

Mokong™ said...

Next year election na naman..balita ko pare baka daw ma-pospone yung election...najku extend na naman si ate glo... guilty ako kasi isa ako sa bumoto sa kanya last presidential election (No choice naman kasi pare)... pero this time pag-iisipan ko ng mabuti ang ibobobto ko...sana yung matinong presidente na ang magkaroon ang PInas like Obama...

ck_leick said...

sir, mejo busy c ck e..hehehe..lpit n kc graduation..dmi po gngwa..

maxiVelasco said...

hmm. aray! - because this is a reality not just in the philippines but even in rich countries such as sweden. there will always be something negative sa government. it can never be perfect.

sabi nga nila, almost everyone running for a position (whether in politics, in big organizations, human right officers and even huge people in church, etc) eh meroong evil side and may kahinaan. all we can do is at least vote for who is less evil.

it's difficult to find perfection in an imperfect world. di lang ang pinas ang may problema, kahit rich countries here in europe, meroon din and sometimes, mas malala pa sa atin.

When Mokong mentioned about "sana yung matinong presidente na ang magkaroon ang PInas like Obama", at some point, people will find something wrong about his "ruling" din. people never get satisfied. kahit na si obama man ang maging pinakamatinong presidente in the whole world, people will still find something wrong with him. it's just a matter of time. sometimes, ang problem is not wholly about the leader, minsan, ang citizens din because we don't get satisfied at all... we always long for perfection and miracle na presidents can erase a country's problem the very moment he or she gets into the position. change does not happen overnight. it takes time. sometimes, even a decade.

hay naku. not sure where this comments going. ayoko pa naman ng debate... anyway, nice post again, Ron!

lisa said...

Hello, sorry sa late reply, oo agree ako sa kanila na galing ng posts mo dito...really I like to read your posts here, kasi updated ka sa politics. Pero ayaw kung mag commnets ha, ang sa akin lang ang galing ng post mo..

Anyway thanks sa nice words na natatak sa commnets ko..thanks a lot bro...


2010 National Elections is coming our way. Politicians are now digging up their machineries to starts the campaign. Honestly, i dont know whom to vote even if i was being picked and attended several meetings to be part of a presidential campaign but my brain is a bit addled.

There is a saying that a great leader is a product of the need of his/her time. American was able to elect a African-American President simply because they wanted to see a drastic change.

Obama ensured transparency and social accountability in his government thus banning current lobbyists from his government.

I truly believe that our country needs a righteous leader. It is important to know who have a genuine heart to serve our countrymen. Can we do that? I sighed.

But, who is the right leader after all? What are the qualities that we are looking for?

We must not get hooked of some politicians prey. Some of them pretends to be a pro-poor. Some of them acts saintly. They are dangerous. They are like a syndicate that functions under the guise of public servants. Wanna know who are they? ;)

But who is the right leader we need for 2010? I sighed.

Above all, the nations future lies in our hands.

the donG said...

"Indeed, our country’s democratic process has been reduced to meaningless and the return to feudal rule is now taking place where the entitlement of the “divine right” is allotted only to the privileged few.">>> very good point here. i just hope that organizations will stand up to bring awareness like this. especially the marginalized.

john said...

At the of the day it is our political culture and political maturity that has a problem we will always have bad leaders in our country if we do not mature as a people. The problem with our country is that there are too many people clamouring for a change but change must come from each and everyone of us. Those who are fortunate enough to have a good education and those who understands must make their own efforts to campaign and advocate to our less fortunate kababayans in the countryside the effects of erresponsible voting. Marami nanamang masisilaw sa salapi, artista at naglalakihang campaign adds this 2010 elections. Because these unscrupulous and greedy politicians. I salute and admire bloggers like you Pareng Ron dahil kahit malayo ka sa bansa natin you always find find a way to open the eyes of our fellow filipinos. To all our kababayan blogger's who are in the Philippines right now pag uwi nyo sa probinsya please find time to advocate the importance of a clean and honest elections to our less fortunate kababayans. Wala tayong aasahan this coming elections kundi ang mga sarili natin...mababayaran nanaman at kikita ang malalaking T.V. and Radio Networks,...our peace officers like the Police and the Military mapapangakuan nanaman ng pwesto or promotion pag nanalo si Madame or si Mr. President, ang mga Artista ay kikitan nanaman o gagamitin ng mga Pulitiko para mapabango ang kanilang pangalan. Ang mga simbahan ay liligawan nanaman para Solid ang Boto ng mga kawani...this is the sad reality in Philippine political culture. We only have ourselves and our conscience to help us this elections it is up to us to share this things to others each because every one of us is our brothers keepers...

HalfCrazy said...

Whoa. I didn't know there are so many Flips in here, hahaha.

goldensparks said...

Hi friend.. Interesting post.. Nice blog work.. keep it up..
will drop by your site often.. Do find time to visit my blog and post your comments..
Have a great day.. Cheers!!!

DebbieDana said...

2010 is nearing and my hopes are still high that Filipino people will be vigilant and wise in electing our President. I know politics is very dirty in the Philippines, and politicians make it dirty... I've witnessed it when I was still in the Philippines and served in the elections.

alone said...

everyone hate to be bullied.

in politics, it been killed, dead for awhile, and then revived.

xprosaic said...

Hahahhahahahaha I agree "in Philippine politics, in particular, his claim does not apply". Hayz, sana man lang ang mga kakandidato ay may natitira pang 'HIYA' sa kanilang sarili at mag self-evaluation muna kung karapat-dapat ba silang tumakbo... But, none the less, sa panahong ito wala namang umaamin eh hahahahahhahahahaha. Gud lak sa atin lahat! jijijijijiji

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