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Tama Na, Sobra Na!

Written by Ron Centeno

Whether or not the 2010 elections should push through is an issue that refuses to die down. No matter how unconscionable the idea of a charter change that is bent on adopting the parliamentary system to effectively extend Ms Arroyo’s term, some lawmakers allied to the president have now tightened their grip by drafting a resolution to convene a constituent assembly to amend the Constitution.

No less than Speaker Nograles has filed the resolution which contains 175 signatures and is 20 votes shy of the required number of 197. “The resolution of Villafuerte is now in my hands, he turned it over to me. So I have decided to file it”, Nograles said, whose signature is also attached to it.

With just over a year before Arroyo’s term expires and the campaign period starts soon, both aspiring candidates and electorates are somewhat stumped.

Despite the President’s son, Pampanga Rep. Juan Miguel “Mikey” Arroyo, who said “that the resolution does not call for a postponement of the 2010 balloting or extension of sitting elective officials” the buzz is incessantly annoying and disturbing. Press Secretary Cerge Remonde was likewise quick to turn the table around against those who link Ms Arroyo to Cha-cha as a mere “black propaganda.”

It is equally troubling that in today’s economic difficulties where unemployment rate is up and poverty continues to swell, our lawmakers are preoccupied with changing our hallowed constitution only to suit their needs.

It is totally preposterous to find faults in a charter to deserve a change when many of our elective officials who are supposed to uphold it are not worthy to walk the august hall of Congress.

At any rate, we can only hope that the life-support of the issue on charter change would soon be unclad in order to expel doubts about the forthcoming elections. Otherwise, we should be emboldened to exercise our collective indignation in the “parliament of the streets” against those who abuse their power by tinkering with the charter.


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Goddy said...


johnm said...

Malacanang tells the people that cha-cha is dead but in the House of Representatives the number one supporters of the current chacha bill by rep. villafuerte are no other that the arroyo bothers...ano ba yan!

shydub said...

Politics there now seems like an experiment, cha cha, tango,waltz they have to make up their mind. and another problem with our politics it looks like they dont respect each other,they're pulling one another down instead of helping each other for the good of the country.

irish on bizz said...

your blog is chosen to be one of the TAIO Blog Award..Check my site for details!

gillboard said...

hrmmm... i think the elections next year will push through.. ganyan naman talaga yan, pag malapit na eleksyon, lagi lumalabas yung issue ng charter change...

it's like a tradition already..

ck_leick said...

ewan ko kung dpat p ko magparegister..pag wala ako mpili baka hindi na lang ako boboto..nonsense e..

I am Xprosaic said...

Amen!... Personally I don't trust politics that's why I am not a registered voter... What for?! Surely my vote doesn't count... Que sera sera! Jijijijijijijiji..

Mokong™ said...

2 beses na kong nakaboto kung sino ang gusto kong maupong presidente..nung una ay hindi nagwagi dahip si erap ang nanalo...panahon na iyon nauso ang chacha sa termino ni FVR, pero ano nangyari wala din hindi natuloy. Nung naupo si Gloria bilang kapalit ni erap dahil sa kanyang pagka-impeach, lumabas ang balitang hindi na tatakbo pa si GMA bilang pagka-presidente..anu nangyari? tumakbo... ngayon naman malapit na naman ang presidential election, ang chacha na naman ang issue...isang flavor of the month na naman ba ito? hindi ito magtatagumpay kung marami ang tutol...maraming tao at ilang pulitoko ang ayaw na sa administrasyon ngayon. Gusto ng mga pinoy ang lider na tulad ng sa Amerika ngayon, lider na ang gusto ay pagbabago..hindi lidr na pangako lang na lagi namang napapako...sawa na tyo sa pangakong ito matatalino na tayong mga pilipino... Matatalino na nga ba? o natuto na nga ab tayo?

Ron Centeno said...









Thanks for all your comments and opinions. Let's all hope and pray for a miracle. CHANGE!

vhingF said...

hayyyyyy...sawasang-sawa na sana ako pero...

EWAN! ko ba sa mga taong gobyerno...

no choice pilipino pa rin ako....

nice posts!

Badong said...

first time kong boboto ngayong taon.kahit pa sabihing madumi ang eleksyon dito, pipiliin ko pa ring isulat sa balota kung sino ang sa tingin kong karapat-dapat na maupo. karapatan nating bumoto, bakit hindi natin yun gawin? walang mababago kung tayo mismo walang gagawin.

The Pope said...

Our government and its lawmakers has lost its moral values on their efforts to push the Cha-Cha issue, a clear move to derail the 2010 election.

If we will believe that Rep. Mikey Arroyo's defense on the Cha-Cha provisions, it should not be taken as a guarantee that the election will not be postponed, otherwise if they are wise enough to read the mathematics of various surveys on this issue, they would postpone this resolution until a new President is elected on 2010.

Don't be fooled by these people even its not April Fools Day.

Mac Callister said...

gloria is just greedy.single as that.

dont wanna step down.

denzmeister said...

Ooooh.. supporter ako ni Gloria eh hehehe! anyway..

Im here po to post my new personal blog. eto po visit po kayo. comments are very much welcome!

alone said...

politics.. huh.

sometimes we could trust. sometimes we shouldn't.

Desert Aquaforce said...

"sobra na, tama na, palitan na!"

This is the same slogan that we used to cry in the sreets when I used to join protest marches from the oblation campus to liwasang bonifacio.

The sound was deafening... 4 presidents followed after Macoy but the cry of the people remains the same.

When will we ever learn? When will we deserve the right leader? It's our choice!

Another great post Ron!

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