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The Passing of Time

Written by Ron Centeno

Albert Einstein points out that time seems so quick to pass by when things matter most and the opposite is true when things are insignificant. Einstein must be referring to his theory of relativity in relation to time and space. I do not attempt to discuss such theory here but I can’t seem to help but relate Einstein’s observation of the passing of the time to my personal experience.

On August 11, 2006, I met Ces in Queens, New York. I was alone in my apartment on a Friday night after wrapping up an assigned thesis that I needed to submit Monday morning. I was in my second semester then at the Graduate School of Business at the Universityof Maryland. Pretty boring I thought and time seemed to have gotten stuck. I needed a way out to amuse myself. I raised myself up from a chair before the computer table. Moments later, I decided to hit the door to grab a bite of kalderatang kambing along Roosevelt Avenuewhere a number of Pinoy bands perform every weekend at the Perlas ng Silangan bar and restaurant. The bar is few blocks away and I had to drag my feet to while away time. Indeed, there seemed to be nothing significant along the line.

I spoke too soon. As soon as I was ushered in, I found my eyes transfixed to a woman sitting two tables away. Immediately, my sense of time was racing like the speed of light. Four hours turned into four minutes. And after the whirling four hours, the band was managing its last song and the lights were fading in. It was time to get up and I seemed to barely notice it. For the last four hours, I had been contemplating on how to approach the lovely woman. I simply couldn’t muster enough courage. But I must have to find a way no matter what. Otherwise, time would run out.

Just right outside the door, armed with determination, I finally met Ces . We shook hands, exchanged quick pleasantries and took off to Café Lalo with the nudging from her two friends. They had some chocolate cakes and cups of coffee. I had two shots of tequila. I thought there was something to celebrate and the tequila was a quick fix for a very short time. After an hour, we had to hit the road. It was already past three in the morning.

Ces and I were sitting next to each other at the rear passenger seats. One of her friends, Rey, was behind the wheel. The other is Nilds, his wife. The streets were seemingly empty. Driving along Queens Blvdwas exceedingly easy. Traffic lights were uncooperatively green. If only I had the ability to stop the hands of time or paint those lights red. In minutes, Rey pulled the car over. I had to get off. It was then that I realized the genius of Albert Einstein.

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Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

What a beautiful story Ron.
I love Albert Alva Einstein. He and his story are such an inspiration.
Take good care and........

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Alain Theriault said...

That was really nice Ron. But it's true that when we're entertained or having fun, time goes by really fast but when we're bored, time goes by slowly.


Ron Centeno said...

Reggie Girl, we only wish we could be half as smart as he is.

Alain, very true. BTW. That layout in the other side. I prefer the parchment but it kept giving me an error so I had to settle with Plan B.

gillboard said...

I agree, if you're really enjoying a moment, time flies by very fast. But if it's something negative, time goes by forever!!!

Thanks for the support nga pala... I appreciate it Ron!!!

Ron Centeno said...

No problem Gilbert! :-)

Dina said...

Sweet mo talaga 3M. The day goes quickly when we enjoy what we are doing.

Anonymous said...

wow! what a love story I know Einstein makes sense, ...nice picture too I wish both of you the best. God Bless!!!

GAGAY said...

i like the story..witwiw! anyway,, this is my first time to be here..i found yer link from te Pchi (opinion pinoy)..great enough that i bumped here..good site! keep blogging! hope to see u at mine!

enewei, am featuring blogs daily (first walker - commenter), weekly (first walker/commenter) and monthly (EC dropper)..featured blogs will all be having a free linky love..hope u can check those at mine..

Gagay, MD:-P

The Pope said...

That's what I call LOVE... And I would like to share Albert Einsteins two famous quotations on "love" -

"How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love?"

"Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love."

Best wishes for both of you.

Ron Centeno said...

John, thanks for the good wishes.

Gagay, I'll drop by your sites, promise.

Mr Pope, yes great Einstein quotes. Thank you.

Dinah said...

So true!When you are with the one you love, time moves fast and that why every moment has to be cherished!

Steve Morozumi said...

that story brings tears of joy to my eyes!

-Steve @ fluxlife

Ron Centeno said...

Dinah, Thanks for dropping by.

Steve, hahahahaha! you make me laugh! Take care!

alone said...

hm.. yeah.. now i realize it.

keep up, pal! =D

tacK said...

hello po.. kuya ron.. :) i linked ur blog and added u in my blogroll.. i love reading ur post.. :) tc & God bless!

maxi said...

i love your story and the way you have written it. it's like a novel that's full of thoughts and feelings mixed into one. thank you for sharing this one.

it's true. you never know when and where to meet the person who'll make you happy for the rest of your life.

my boyfriend and I met online (not a chatting site or a matching site though). we exchanged emails and were friends for 5 months. we never thought that we'd fall in love after sometime. it took us even a year and a half before I finally decided to fly here to sweden and start a life with him... which is at the moment, the best decision i've done my whole life through.

anyway, have a great day!

austenfan said...

wow. that's so sweet. proof that love at first sight really does exist. :)

yep, einstein's a genius. relativity's the only topic in physics that really got me interested. hehe.

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