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Answers to Last Week's Trivia

Written by Ron Centeno

To those of you who took time out to respond to our previous trivia, the answers are the ff:

1. “Let there be light” – Genesis 1:3
2. Martin Van Buren,
3. William Harrison
4. Washington Irving
5. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
6. Louis Cartier in 1904 for Alberto Santos-Dumont, the Brazilian aeronaut.
7. Fabrica Italiana di Automobili Torino.
8. General Purpose
9. Charles Perrault
10. Beowulf
11. Lady Godiva
12. Yes, twice: in Matthew 6:9-11 and, in a shorter form, in Luke 11:2-4
13. Cain, after slaying his brother Abel. The land of Nod may be found “on the east of Eden” – Genesis 4:16 (Jonathan Swift, in a Complete Collection of Polite and Ingenious Conversation, makes one of his characters say that he was “going to the land of Nod” – that is, to sleep – a meaning the phrase has retained ever since.)
14. Brazil
15. The Bay Psalm Book
16. William I, “The Conqueror”
17. Thomas Edison
18. Albert Einstein.
19. James Dean.
20. Christopher Reeve
21. Marilyn Monroe
22. John Wilkes Booth
23. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
24. James Chadwick
25. Enola Gay
26. 1959
27. Martin Luther King
28. $15 million
29. Billie Jean King
30. Mark Spitz


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Lob Eng said...

Did I mentioned that I get less than 10 correct? :<

Ron Centeno said...

Hey! Lob Eng! You did a good job! Thanks for your time! :-)

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