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What An Incredible Hobby

Written by Ron Centeno

On any given day, you’ll see Ces, armed with her Nikon D80 camera that is focused at anything beautiful. Her unassuming and captivating looks defy the conventional wisdom of capturing ordinary subjects into a work of art. Her imposing height and curvaceous body don’t seem to fit in a hobby dominated by men. One wonders why instead of being the picture-perfect subject, Ces insists of being behind the lens and calling the shots. No wonder she gets only but a few exposures in a group picture.

On several occasions, however, her charm does wonders in obliging men whenever she is in need of some assistance during shooting. And she knows exactly when to capitalize such charm under any circumstances. For example, she has no problem approaching the owner of a group of four different breeds of dog while strolling at Central Park to regroup and command his pets to sit still for posterity. Well taken, the outcome turned out to be amazing and amusing - to the delight of the pet owner, of course.

To date, Ces has a great collection of photos that she copyrighted for commercial purposes. Among those from the long list of her breathtaking portfolio are the picturesque Statute of Liberty, the Manhattan skyline, and the insides of Central Park during late afternoons. The quaint Long Island is another testament to Ces’ eye for beauty as she captures the shores of the island with lighthouses on the foreground. Not to mention those flowers around the block where her neighbors have long dismissed as being ordinaries in their garden until they are printed. The color-attention-seeking ferries-wheel in the fairground where people from all walks of life would gather for fun and be shot candidly only to create some stories to tell in the hindsight. The worldly grandeur of the Bellagio Hotel and the copied landmarks of Paris in Las Vegasare poster-pictured at their best. Truly, a collection of great works!

Ces’ incredible talent in creating ordinary images into a piece of art is without question. What is even more incredible is the thought that behind those beautifully captured images is a woman happened to be a beauty in her own right

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Becca said...

You are too sweet. What's up! Still trying to earn points from her? I'm sure she must be flattered by all this attention.

Rex said...

Definitely a keeper.

Ces said...

Sometimes I think he talks about me too much. It's flattering and embarassing. :-) Love you though hon.

Dina said...

3M! You did well! I meant you did well choosing your mate! Beauty and talent! I wish my man would write about me like you do. Don't be embarrased ces.:-)

Cynthia said...

Thanks for coming over to Oasis, Ron. I see you have a new and complex format. Are you writing a series of fiction stories? Great blog!

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