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Sorry, I Can't Come

Written by Ron Centeno

Prior to his anticipated non-appearance before a Senate inquiry, citing medical problem, on the purported rigged biddings for World Bank funded-projects, the First Gentlemen has already been publicly condemned. And it’s rightly so. The problem with public condemnation, no matter how strong, it does not have the weight required to send the guilty party to jail.

No doubt, for instance, from the barber shops to cafes across the country, people are abuzz with a formed opinion that there is truth to FG’s alleged role in the alleged collusion between the government and the bidders.

The First Gentleman, however, was without the opportune time to disprove this mindset the people hold - thus, the Senate invitation.

In his opening statement published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer dated 13 February 2009, however, the First Gentleman has this to say - “I respectfully respond in your Invitation and Notice dated 9 February 2009. I regret that my doctors have again prohibited me from attending, owing to the stressful atmosphere my presence might create.”

This was, of course, confirmed by his ‘expert doctor’ that “his patient’s medical condition required him to avoid mentally stressful situation.” Adding, “it would be dangerous to his patient’s health.”

Hence, in the next three hours of Senate inquiry, the committee delved for one hour on FG’s health than the pressing issues at hand.
Interestingly, FG’s spokesperson remarked previously that it is yes to golf but no to Senate inquiry. Such remark is an outright tacky, deserving all the more of our collective damnation.

While there is no body or agency to refute the medical opinion and left us simply to amen to their expert pronouncement, Mike Arroyo, in the meantime, is perhaps perfecting his swing in a golf course, that again, the doctor found relaxing for him to do than appearing before the Senate inquiry.

More on his statement found in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the First Gentleman concluded, “I am a citizen of the Republic. I maintain that our Constitution continues to protect many inalienable rights. Among these are the right to confront witnesses against me face-to-face who are not like shadows hiding behind an incomplete, unofficial “Report;” the right to be presumed innocent; and the right to be left alone absent evidence of wrongdoing.”

The part “face-to-face” in that statement is a complete baloney. Time and again, Mike Arroyo has refused to appear before any proceedings that require his presence.
The fact of the matter is that, having to grapple with distorted words before any investigating panel is a fate requiring a Herculean strength. In contrast to being truthful, facing the same panel will require no sweat. It should be a walk in the park.

In the case of Mike Arroyo, the park he would walk upon, in case he would finally do so, would be a minefield, a complete contrast with the manicured lawn of a golf course.

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Dina said...

Yes! I seriously don't understand. Ang kapal talaga ng mukha nila. They should have been ousted from office a long time ago! May ambition pa silang mag stay!

Vinay Rai said...

I am surprised as to see so much activities going on in the world. I must say we are in economic crisis all over the world and the real face of these so called good people is now in front of us.God help our countries.God help our world.

RhonB (aka Pinkoy) said...

Hi Ron! Thanks for dropping by my pinkoy blog. I'm so honored that you visited.

If I may comment, Parang open secret naman ang involvement ni FG sa mga juicy govt. projects and contracts e. Parang bawat parte ata ng pilipinas meron si FG sa mga proyekto.

I don't understand people like Mr. Arroyo na mayaman na nga nagpapakayaman pa, at at the cost of the filipino people pa. San ba nya dadalhin ang limpak limpak na salapi nya? Power truly corrupts and twists the mind. Saan ka na makakakita buking na nga ng world bank gusto pang magpalusot? Only here and only the politicians of this banana republic.

Makoy said...

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Makoy said...

thanks ron :)

Sly Cloud said...

Just dropped by to greet you a Happy Valentines Day. Although I don't own a blog you made me an avid reader. I really missed reading your personal blogs, the one's that come from the heart. On that note, where is part V! :-)

Mokong said...

RON, good PM!
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